CES Mini

My wife won one of the Mini packages from CES.

Are there any other lucky winners on the forum?

Awesome giveaway Lulzbot!

Congratulations! And I hate you. :smiley:

Just kidding… Congratulations on the awesome prize!

I got one. I’m not as happy with the quality as I thought I’d be? Not sure if it’s because of the insanely high acceleration and jerk settings or what…

I haven’t had any problems with print quality yet. Did you install the Aerostruder?

The Mini does move more quickly than larger printers due to the bed being so much lighter but, that hasn’t caused any problems on my old original Mini or this new one. I am not seeing any ringing in the prints or other problems related to movement induced vibrations.

CES Mini up and running with all the extras installed, working great.
Trying out the Glass side up for some PETG but still fiddling.