Changing the nozzle - clockwise or counter-clockwise?

The TAZ manual (here states:

“Using the 13mm wrench turn the nozzle counter clock-wise.”

Well, it’s counter-clockwise if you have removed the Budaschnozzle and set it on the table aiming up at you. It’s clockwise if the nozzle is still attached to the printer. :slight_smile: I don’t know if that merits a correction of the manual, but it would have been helpful to know at the outset. :slight_smile:

I concurr.

It’s the same error in the AO-100 manual. I’ve always had trouble with unfastening screws (never seem to remember which way to turn :blush: ) and tend to blindly follow the manual. No wonder I had trouble removing that nozzle. At some point my higher brain functions started working again and I did the reverse of what the manual said. :wink:

Just remember this rule, “Lefty loosey, righty tightey”. :slight_smile:


Hmm well that is a bit of an issue I guess when we wrote that we were thinking about when the buda is siting on a desk pointing up after getting it out of a box, and not in the sense of on the machine pointing down. We can try to clarify that in the next version/update to the manual maybe with a diagram or picture with arrow to reduce confusion.

As side note I prefer using the right hand rule for knowing what way to twist a screw/nut/nozzle. Using you right hand, point your thumb in the direction you want the screw/nut/nozzle to go. For example to remove a nozzle form buda while it is on a printer this would be down towards the ground. Then curl your fingers into a fist leaving your thumb sticking out. The direction you fingers are curled in is the direction you need to twist the screw/nut/nozzle.

Please note this only work with the right hand. With the left hand things are backward and it get confusing which makes it pointless as a way to “remember” which way to turn screws.