Checking gcode

Hi there, quite the newbie in terms of 3D prinitng.
Currently operating a TAZ 4, my question is how can I see support material that is generated by slicer ( im using slic3r, Solidworks, Printrun). I would like to see how much support material will be used when I use slic3rs automatic support function before I print.
Sorry if this has been asked before but I cant find the thread.

Maybe would be helpful.

Okay, how exactly do I view that?

Can’t you view the source Gcode file being sent to the machine? I am assuming after its prepared, you can Save that file someplace and look at it with Notepad or some GCode editor program. The other posting was an attempt at HTML linking but it was missing a lot of parameters.

Difficult to do unless your slicer supports the capability. Simplify3D allows you to manually add and remove supports. The preview shows the support, but doesn’t give you the filament used… Not sure any slicer software calculates the support material separately.

type into your browser and hit enter