Chroma Strands where did they go? Alternatives?

Anyone know what happened to these guys? I really liked their ABS, but it’s so hard to find now, I reached out to them and I haven’t heard back either.

Are there any alternatives to their ABS? I’ve been using IC3D since they are easier to get but the results are quite the same. I’m looking for premium ABS for some production parts. I’ve also been looking at using PETG, but so have avoided it so I don’t have to invest in a dryer, but at this point I’m willing to go in that direction if I can get material more reliably.

Thanks Steve!

I’ve seen that with a few other random colors, but no new stock. Some places won’t even list black as an option to buy.

Check out this place. I’ve order from them before, they have free delivery if you spend 50$.

Is the chromastrand stuff really that good?

Thanks! I just placed an order. Hopefully the stock count is accurate.

For me, that ABS has been the best for dimensional stability and low warp. Everything else I have tried is constant work to get the same level of print.

In some places, I see that the manufacture is listed as Lulzbot. I didn’t know they made filament or if they just used so much of it that they also carried the Lulzbot name.

Hi, I’m curious as to what the manufacture date of the filament you received was?

Hi this is Dustin from Chroma Strand Labs. I’m sorry for the availability issues, we are changing from fulfillment by amazon to direct shipping. We will have stock available on the website soon. Until then you contact me directly and I can get you what you need. Thanks for your patience.


This is the best news I’ve heard all year!! Do you have larger reels available too?

Send me a email with what you need.

No problem. I sent you a PM since I don’t have your email.