colorfabb XT super strong adhesion on PEI plate


I have been printing a lot with colorfabb XT on my TAZ 5. It’s a fantastic material that almost guarantees great surface quality of the prints once you get the settings right. I just have one issue: It sticks extremely strongly on the PEI surface of the TAZ 5. For any prints with a larger bottom surface I have a very hard time removing the prints. In fact I damaged some of the prints when trying to remove them because it was so difficult to get them off.

Has anybody else experienced this? Have you found a way to make the XT stick a bit less strongly to the PEI surface while still maintaining good adhesion?


I don’t know too much about this being I don’t have the PEI bed but one recommendation would be to use a raft which is much easier to remove. You just wouldn’t have the super clean bottom surface.

ABS adheres really well to PEI. You’re nozzle may be too close to the bed… try a quarter to eighth turn counterclockwise on the endstop. I like to fine tune the nozzle height in the slicer software through the Z-offset gcode setting. If the nozzle height is good for medium to small objects, I’ll set the Z-offset to 0.1 - 0.2 for prints will large surface areas on the bed. It works well for me, YMMV.