Constant Extruder Clogging

I’ve had constant clogging issue with the Budaschnozzle on my Taz4.

At first I chocked it up to my having run it at too high a temp (200) for PLA. So I printed a new dual fan duct, kept the fan running all the time, and turned temp to ~180.

The clogs persisted. All kinds of clogs. I had to drill out filament on multiple occasions, from multiple different spots throughout the extruder & housing.

Suddenly it’s worse than ever (like I can’t get a single print done now, in past dozen attempts or so).

I am thinking perhaps during one of these drilling sessions, trying to unclog the extruder, I may have done some damage to the PFTE tube and maybe thats why it suddenly seems worse than ever.

I also hear some popping/cracking from the filament just before it clogs. I was reading somewhere this could be due to moisture but I am skeptical because I’m using good quality filament (Ultimachine) and it hasn’t been anywhere but right next to my printer since I pulled it out of a plastic bag.

Looking for help, diagnosis, advice.

Contact or call 1-970-377-1111 from 7AM to 3PM MST and we can get you a new extruder, if needed.


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