Control Box Fan Always Off

Does anyone know how to keep the control box fan always on via the Marlin firmware when it’s plugged into the stock pins on the RAMBO? The x-axis stepper gets very warm and appears to be making a clicking sound. I’d like to run it w/ the control box fan on to see if I get the same clicking sound. With the prints I’ve run so far w/ the newly installed Flexy Dually V2 firmware the fan never turns on.

Have you added a heat sink to the driver chips yet! The dual head is a fair amount of load for both the Z and X axis motors and their driver chips. As for the control box fan I have no idea on a gcode for that.

Thanks. I had bought some heat sinks from a few weeks back and had installed one on the z driver chip because Lulzbot did that when they went from the TAZ 4 (my printer) to the TAZ 5. I wanted to get the control box fan going to see if that eliminated the x stepper clicking before I installed a heat sink on the x driver chip simply because that’s the way Lulzbot runs their machines w/out issues.

Turns out one of the wires was wedged in the fan preventing it from spinning. Now w/ the control box fan running the x stepper clicking is gone, so problem solved. I may still install a heat sink on the x driver chip since I’m printing ABS in an enclosure which may cause the driver over heating issue to pop up again…keeping an eye and ear on it.