Control button inactive in Mac OS Sierra

I finally got around to trying to set up my LulzBot Mini (bought about three weeks ago on Amazon), on a Mac with OS Sierra (v 10.12.1). Unfortunately, I can’t get the control button to activate (it stays grayed out). I have tried reloading the software from the thumb drive which came with the printer, and from the LulzBot site. Your instructions for Mac OS, after 10.10, are incorrect…there is no option for “any application,” you must hold down the option key when initially opening the application—which will allow, and warn you, installation of non app store software.

Nothing I’ve tried is working, and I am becoming frustrated. Anybody have any ideas?

It turns out that the model I was trying to print (the Rocktopus file) was scaled too large. Scaling it down activated the button…Don’t know if this is a function of my using a Mac, but I ended up cancelling the initial print, as it was obviously going to run out of filament before completing the print (scaled to .9 from 1.0, filament is the green PolyLite PLA provided with the printer). I would recommend having the file appropriately scaled and/or specify what scale/dimensions to use to allow printing the file with the sample filament supplied…