Cooling Fan box for Taz3

This fan box uses 50 mm muffin fan. The box is mounted on the two threaded M3 holes on the side of the hot-end assembly.
The box has two outlets, one to the extruder motor and one to the nozzle tip.
It keeps the extruder motor cool and it helps the extruded filament to cure quicker.
You need four M2.5 heat-set inserts for the box and four M2.4, 15 mm screws for mounting the 10 mm thick fan.
CoolingFanBox.STL (519 KB)

That’s an interesting way to have multiple outputs on one shroud! How is the backpressure?

It keeps the extruder motor cool, and the extruded filament cool as well.
One thing I noticed was that when using ABS (maybe the quality of filament I used was not good) it might be cooling the extruded filament too quickly causing a snowflake (dandruff) effect on the layers, which made the thin feature feels like cheetos (crumple easily)…
Might have to enlarge the bottom outlet to disperse the air a little…