Corner Lifting Fix (HIPS and possibly others as well)

I posted this solution on a thread that I had started, but thought it should have its own thread in case others find it useful.

Ok so after talking with customer support (Gaylon), a simple fix cured my corner lifting issues.

  1. Mixup a 10% solution of isopropal alcohol and water.
  2. Sprinkle some on the PEI print table
  3. Take some ultra fine grain sandpaper (2000) and lightly scrub the PEI print surface. Just the weight of the scrub block should be enough. Careful not to scrub too much or your part will adhere to the bed too aggressively.
  4. Repeat as necessary

So far this has cured my corner lifting woes for HIPS. Have not tried it with other filaments yet, but I would think it would also help.

Hope this helps!