Creating a stop point in Cura GCODE

I have a student that is trying to insert an object in the middle of a FDM print and then have the printer continue the print after the part is inserted. I know there are several concerns with this approach including the possibility of the extruder hitting the inserted part, but for now we are just trying to see if this is possible. What my student is currently trying is altering the GCODE directly after creation in Cura 3.6.18. He has proven that he can insert a GCODE stop command and have the printer pause. What he now needs to do is move the extruder and the bed so that he can insert his part. Then he can either resume manually or have the GCODE pause timed.

Here is what he is currently trying this on:

  • LulzBot TAZ6 with Cura 3.6.18. We can update to the most recent version of Cura if that will help. We could also use a TAZ Mini+ or a TAZ Pro if that worked better. We could also use an Ultimaker S5 if that would be better. I have ruled out all MakerBot options since we cannot control the GCODE.
  • For now we are just using PLA filament.
  • We use Octoprint mostly but he could use a USB drive, SD card, or laptop if really needed (Octoprint is our normal method).

What I proposed my student do is the following at the right point in the build to insert his object:

  • Move the extruder up
  • Move the build plate out
  • Probably cool the extruder
  • Then pause (rather than pause first) probably for a fixed time (like 5 min).

Insert his part and then have the job resume automatically or manually.

Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.