Cura 21.03 z-hop not working?

So I just recently went from 21.02 to 21.03 and started having lots of pull up issues on the first layer that I didn’t have before. I originally thought it was temperature or something else. I soon realized that the pull up was was located under the path of the tool head. Even after adjusting z-hop to a much larger value from default (.5 from .1 mm), I noticed that the z screws still weren’t turning. When I rolled back to 21.02, everything seemed to be fine.

Any thoughts? Or is this an actual bug?

I just loaded 21.03, so haven’t worked with it much. But I sliced a rocktopus and looked at the gcode, and retractions/z-hop appeared to be normal.

Here’s an example, where it is printing the first layer at 0.425 and properly “hops” to 0.525 after retraction.

G1 F900 X76.211 Y112.009 E98.83934
G1 F600 E97.83934    <<<---- retraction
G1 Z0.525   <<<---- hopped up 0.1mm
G0 F10500 X61.823 Y102.041
G1 Z0.425   <<<--- hopped back down
G1 F600 E98.83934  <<<--- return filament to pre-retraction point
G1 F900 X61.620 Y101.395 E98.86253

I spot checked the rest of the file, and saw hops with all the retractions.

Of course that’s just one test, so what you saw could be something more obscure related to a specific combination of settings.