Cura 21.04 bug when using raft

I do not know if this has been reported before, forgive me also if this is not the right place to report it but could not find a way in the to report it.
I import an STL to Cura and it slices it to 239 layers. When I chose to add a raft (total 4 layers, 2 surface ones) the object is raised but the viewer and GCode still finish at layer 239. So the top layers from the object are MISSING. I checked the GCode generated and in both cases tha last layer is 238 so it is not an issue of the layers viewer.

I just found out that there is a workaround. If you change the layer height then it recalculates the layers and you get the correct result.
For example an object at 0.2mm layer height it produces 65 layers, then adding a raft you lose the last 3 layers of the object. Changing the layer height to something else and then back at 0.2mm you get the 65 layers of the object and the raft correctly.