Cura 3.6.2 Freezing


Running Cura LE 3.6.2 on windows 10 driving my Mini Gen 1 over USB.

When attempting to print certain models, Cura / Mini freezes consistently on first layer. My guess is Cura doesn’t like my model as what I would consider to be simpler models print without issue.

I used to run my mini off my mac and with the Cura version that was available when I got my mini three or four years ago. Never had any issues at all. I had to migrate to a PC and update Cura (and mini firmware) as my Mac was failing, and have have not been able to get around this issue on the PC / new Cura.

So, I’m wondering if there is any indication that the stl I’m trying to print is somehow invalid? Or is there a way to tell Cura to muddle thru the print without stopping? :slight_smile: Models that used to print on older version of Cura / Mac wont print anymore. Can’t figure out why that would be, and appreciate any suggestions.

I’ve tried switching USB cables, disabling USB power management, clearing cache and reinstalling Cura… no help.

Another thing I noticed… If I print small parts individually, I have no problems. But when I try to print the same smae parts together in one print attempt, Cura freezes up.

Problem seems top have been USB power management turning off USB connection to mini.