Cura and curves

Hi all.
I am wondering if there is a way to print bigger arcs smoother. My arcs (i.e. a round tower) look like (in Cura and when printed on my Taz 6) as if they are built out of 2mm wide flat surfaces. So not really round round. I lived with it over the years but now that I also have a Bambu Lab X1 Carbon the difference is huge. Printed with the X1 Carbon there are no visible flat surfaces (besides the X1 printing it almost 3 times faster). Everything is round, in the Bambu Studio Slicer software as well as the part itself when printed. I loaded the same part in the Prusa slicer and see those flat surfaces there as well.
Is there somewhere a setting in Cura that I have never seen over the years to somehow make arcs smoother???

Thank you.

I run arcwelder on my octoprint, which converts to actual arc movements. Cura 5.1 supports the plugin as well, but I am not sure if there’s going to be any plugin support in Cura LE 4.13.

ArcWelder.exe is a standalone command line tool so you don’t need plugin support. It is, however, nice to have it.

Thank you, Sir !
Appreciate it.

I actually found a setting in Solidworks to change the resolution of circles. The preview in Cura and the actual part are now equal to the orange part in above picture. So it has nothing to do with Cura, STL or printer. It’s how (in my case) Solidworks exports the file.

In case someone is interested, the setting can be found in Solidworks as followed:
“Options”–>Tab “System Options”–>“Export”
Click on File Format and choose STL in the drop down menu.
I have changed the Deviation Tolerance to 0.0005" and the Angle Tolerance to 0.5000 degrees (slider all the way to the right). Now I am getting very nice arcs.