Cura and Modo

Hi there, I’m new to 3d printing and just got my first 3d printer last week (luzlbot mini). I like to know if anyone here uses Modo for modeling and printing with Cura. My questions:

1: How do I get the exact size of my model from Modo to Cura when I export from Modo to STL file?
Currently, I have to rescale the model size in Cura, it’s not much of a problem but I would like to eliminate this step.

2: Is there a video tutorial that shows the basics and advance use of Cura online?

Thanks for your help!

Hey Nohnst,

Is there a native unit that Modo uses? I use Maya and I think it either used inches or centimeters as it’s native unit. I ended up switching it to milimeters under the preferences menu, and that helped me get closer to the sizing I needed.

I was dealing with a similar issue, though I always tend to check my models in 123-D to get proper sizing. Measure twice print once, maybe?

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hello Kusangi,

I found the solution. It’s a setting in Modo where you have to specify the output measurement of an STL file. There is a video tutorial for this and I’m posting it here for future Modo users.