Cura Control Button Nonresponsive, Fedora 22

I could not get the Control Button to work on my Toshiba with UHD screen (3840x2160). I set the screen to 1920x1080 and the Control Button started working. Just an FYI.

Thanks for letting us know, I’ve made a task so we can get it fixed:

There’s a way to fix this (temporarily)

copy the original cura-lulzbot.desktop file:

~]$ cp /usr/share/applications/cura-lulzbot.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/.

edit the file so the exec file reads the following:

Exec=env GDK_SCALE=1 cura-lulzbot

instead of this:


You can set the GDK_SCALE to something which matches your HiDPI setup.