Cura crashes when going from aerostruder back to mini

when I try and switch from aerostruder back to mini in the settings/printer. I removed aerostruder and put back on the original extruder.

I am using a mac OS 10.14.6
Cura - the latest one they said was stable

I need to get it hooked back up to make sure it is OK with he old extruder so I can sell it.

To be nice you should restore the E-steps for the old extruded or a least recalibrate to find the correct valu

I don’t know what you mean by e-steps or correct value.

I have the old extruder finally up and working with cura.

Here is a link.

It sets up the number of steps to move the extrude stepper to get a desired amount of filament out. Each print head is a little different.