Cura has changed modes - cannot figure out what happened.

I have been using my TAZ6 for 3 weeks.

Up until tonight, when i loaded a object file (.stl), Cura took me directly to the printer interface when i clicked on the control button as described in step 5 of the Operations manual.

Now the app asks me to save a Gcode file version of the object to be printed followed by a slicer display of the object on the virtual print bed.

I have no idea what to do next.

I suspect that there may be a design flaw in the object I created, however, the same sequence occurs on all the other objects that I have previously printed when attempting to load for printing.

What do I do next?

Good News Everyone!

The solution was simple.

Connect the TAZ6 to the computer using a USB cable!

I had used my laptop earlier in the day for another purpose and forgot to reconnect it to the TAZ6!

The upside to all this is now I know how to access the slicer mode to troubleshoot/modify the object…