Cura layer one question

Does the global flow rate also affect the layer 1 over extrude? 90% seems to suit the general extrude, but layer 1 is a bit iffy.
Obviously that can be set too, is 100% there = to 90% or the old 100%?

Hi Andrew

The global flow rate effects all including layer 1.
Consider it as a correction factor for your e-steps setting.

That you had to correct by 10% sounds a lot to me, you might consider recalibrating your e-steps some when :wink:

Your first layer is depending on the exact distance (Z-Offset) of your nozzle to the bed as well as the “initial layer line width”.
My suggestion is to check Z-Offset first by printing a skirt only. measure the hight of it and compare it to the first layer hight setting.
Adjust Z-Offset int the machine settings accordingly and then start fine tuning the initial layer line width.

All the Best

Thanks Frank for your input. Z offset was not right and was causing most of the problem. Flow rate now 97%. I think infill overlap may be another problem, currently 15% may try a lower one and up the 1st layer %. Any advice welcome, this is my 1st printer and I’m still heading up the steep learning curve!

Isn’t that the cool part on 3D Printing?
We can twist and tweak on all ends and find every day some thing new :smiley:

As you I am very much a beginner as well. I can’t give you values right now.
What I have figured so far is that I have to adjust for each of my Filaments slightly different.
I only can guess that this is related to different viscosities of the different materials…!?

Saying that my latest finding is that already slight variations on print speed also has impact on print quality.
In any case the first layer seems to be the most important :wink:

All the Best