Cura Lulzbot 3.6.20...where is gradual infill?

I see forum posts about this being in a beta a few years back. It’s in the Ultimaker Cura. Is there a reason it’s not in Cura Lulzbot? Is there a way to enable it?


Have you found all the hidden settings? If not, try the search bar above the settings list

Upon search, I see “gradual infill steps” and “gradual infill step height”, and they’re both checked (which I believe means they should be visible when I am mucking with a profile). But they’re not. I seem to recall there was some “mother may I” step before some of these things could be tweaked?

I was able to get a gradual infill by typing in a value for “gradual infill steps” under the Custom tab, then going to the Recommended tab and making sure “Enable gradual” is checked.

So with 3.6.20 on OSX, I have “visibility” checked for those settings (gradual infill steps, gradual infill step height), but they don’t show up in Custom, and I see nothing in the GUI in Recommended for “Enable gradual”. Nada, zip.