📢 Cura LulzBot Edition 4.13 Beta Testing!

It was missed, I guess the check for updates on startup isn’t working either.

The “Standard” profile (not high-speed or high detail) has absolute values at a very high temp!

Compared to:

This version is based on the final release of Ultimaker Cura 4.13, yes. We do not envision this as the end of the road, however.

The path to version 5 from 4 will be much faster then the path from 3 to 4. Do you have specific features that you would be interested in that only version 5 has?

No specific features come to mind. My ideal would be the merging of CuraLE and Ultimaker Cura (with Ultimaker Cura picking up the unique features of CuraLE). Both development teams working on the same project would make for a stronger version of Cura, IMO.

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I hear you! We do have this pull request open.

Who is responsible for fixing the issues with that pull request?

Technically anyone could as its an open-source contribution. Until recently there was not a lot of movement to get it through their CI checks. But, ultimately we have this on our to-do list so we will be syncing up the PR branch as requested.

Hi, just trie the beta this morning and all went well. However, I cannot find a button to extrude or retract filament manually, which I always use when changing filaments? In the previous version this was where you could also steer the extruder to home or left right up down. You could input the amount and extrude or retract filament. I am working with an Lulzbot Mini 1 with aerostruder head.

Thanks for giving it a try! The extrude/retract buttons are definitely missing, they should be added pretty soon. A lot of the USB printing stuff we had in 3.6 was absent upstream so it’s having to be redone, unfortunately.

The primary feature from Cura 5 that I want to see is the new slicer engine with the adaptive line width. YouTube is telling me that I can get almost 0.4-like detail with a 0.6 nozzle.

Thanks for the appimage support! I’ve tried this out on Arch Linux and it started up ok, but the lack of octoprint means I can’t use it. I’m looking forward to when that’s available!

Another note: the dark theme made some text unreadable, machine settings for example.

As an outsider, I’d expect it would be more effective to try and get LulzBot printers upstream or if you can’t get merged, create an extension to integrate with Cura 5 instead of a lulzbot fork but honestly, I’ve not got a lot of experience here and have only made a few weak attempts at building a plugin myself.

It looks like the Cura team is playing ball! They would like to merge the changes into 5.4. Anyone else feeling like it’s party worthy?

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed, it would be great!