Cura misprints using T-Glase Profile

I am having my first difficulty when printing an STL file. We are trying to replicate a human vertebrae for testing some tools on. If you load the STL file in Cura it shows the vertebrae correctly. But when I printed it one of the connectors was missing, but the support for it was there. However 2 of the other support structures were missing. So I looked at it in Slice View and yes they were missing. So changed my settings back to basic and choose ABS and looked at the Slice View and all the supports were there along with the connectors. Then I changed to expert mode and loaded the T-Glase profile for Cura and 2 of the 4 supports disappeared and the one connector disappeared.

At this point I am not sure where to look for the difference between the ABS and T-Glase profile settings. I looked at what I could see under the basic and advanced tab for the T-Glase as compared to ABS but it really only appears to change the print speed and size of the layer. I did not go into the Settings behind export mode yet, but I am not sure where to begin to look.

I have included the STL file along with the T-Glase Profile (which came from the Lulzbot site).

T-Glase_high-strength_mini.ini (12.5 KB)
verterbae.stl (146 KB)

Thanks for uploading the .stl.

Even with all the fancy file fixing that Cura has, it is best to input “good” .stl files or you run the risk of the slicing engine not doing exactly as it’s told. Manifold .stl’s are a mesh whose surface is closed, non self-intersecting, and has all normals facing outward. An easy way to think of it is that every edge has exactly two faces on it, no more no less.

In the case of “verterbae.stl” there are 4 separate close surfaces that intersect with eachother. Here is how to use boolean unions in blender to make them into one surface:

scale the eliptical prisms along y

extrude part of this feature into the body of the other.

These previous two steps were to get the geometries to share volume. Booleans are super buggy if the two objects don’t share volume.

seperate these three features into a new object

apply the boolean union

check for any remaining non-manifolds

Here’s the file I ended up with, I haven’t checked it, but I have a feeling it will work.
verterbae_enfixified.stl (36.4 KB)

You nailed it!!!

I would have never thought of that when creating the image…it now makes sense.

Thank you so much!!!

No problem. Don’t forget to tell your friends how helpful the Lulzbot forum people are :wink:

kdf205, the difference between the two profiles is a little hidden. If you go to full settings mode then click “Expert” -> “Expert settings” you will see lots of other settings. The one that might be causing you confusion is the “Overhang angle for support”