Cura on Linux: Recognize Nonstandard Device Nodes

Hi there,

As a reasonably advanced Linux user, I do things like create udev rules so that my TAZ gets a predictable symlink under /dev (/dev/taz, as it happens). Unfortunately, Cura doesn’t list that as an option when I select the serial port under device settings, and there’s no provision for me to type in a custom path.

I don’t know how tough it would be to get the code that enumerates available serial ports to also recognize symbolic links…but it shouldn’t be too hard to make it possible to type in a value. Just make that combobox editable.

In other words, make it possible for me to type something here:

Otherwise Cura is pretty awesome. Keep up the good work!


IMO the real problem is basing device management on port number and not the printer itself. One idea is to look something more permanent to a printer such as serial number.

Making the combobox editable should be quite easy, but introduces a number of potential issues. There is no error checking on that field, so if you tried to print to an invalid entry I have no idea what would go wrong :astonished: The source code is available to you, so you’re welcome to try it out…

I’d be interested to see UDEV rules you came up with.