Cura Profiles and Filament Settings for GIzmo Dorks ABS filament?

Hey folks, new user and member to this forum. Curious if anyone utilizes ABS filament from Gizmo Dorks for use on the Mini 2? I’ve adjusted a few things from an existing profile (Village Plastics default/preloaded setting).

Few things that have helped:

  1. Hot end: 240 / Platform: 110
  2. Start temp: 245
  3. wiping/probing temps: 140 (instead of 170-default)
  4. 5+ layer brim
  5. speed at 90% on first 3 layers
  6. no fan for first 1-2 layers

Beyond above stated, that’s all I have adjusted. Just curious if someone has it really dialed in for the Mini 2…

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If you’d like to submit your profile for inclusion into Cura LulzBot Edition, submit a request here: We’d love to see some pictures of your prints. Thank you for sharing!