cura taking hours to install

so I got a Lulzbot mini from my dad around last year for my and my son’s birthday. we just got to using it often when it starts not printing turns out it got clogged by some melted filament. that we fixed together but then when we reinstalled the head cura didn’t recognize it so we looked on one of the forums and it said to delete and reinstall cura so my son, who just started his summer break and has more free time than knows what to do with, did just that and sofar it has been two hours in the exact same spot it isn’t paused or anything but it just isn’t installing anymore.

Reach out to the support team at and include information on the operating system that you’re using, the version of the OS you have installed, and the version of Cura LulzBot Edition you’re attempting to install. Include also a screenshot showing where it’s stuck if it happens again. Ideally, you’ll cancel the install, restart the computer, and delete the cache folders (info’s here: before installing the latest version.

You can try a new software replacement, good luck.