Custom Gcode for Maintanence Tasks

Hey all,

I had an idea the other day and wanted to know if it was bat shit crazy or common. And if common I wanted to hear from others who’ve done it and for what purposes…

As I was using the lcd to switch filaments (which involves manually moving axis to home and then about 30-40mm above Z home, setting temperature of nozzles, extruding in reverse filament, then loading new filament, and extruding until 10mm of clean filament comes out) - it dawned on me I could custom author gcode script to do most of the steps rather than fussing with the lcd everytime.

Have others created custom gcode scripts for such non-printing tasks?

I’m sure its do-able… the closest I’ve come is a start script to prime and print a cleaning strip along the bed edge.

The firmware for the dual v3 has a filament change script which is accessible from the LCD menus. It pauses the print, retracts the filament, prompts to insert new filament and advances before restarting the print. It didn’t work reliably the one time I tried it…

I suppose you could write a script to unload filament from the new “titan-type” extruders. Heat up the extruder, extrude 2mm then retract 20mm… An independent, on-demand nozzle cleaning script could be useful also. Send the scripts through Octoprint or any control software.

Share with the community if you come up with scripts!