I’m printing a tall thin (2mmx32mm) object using my Taz6 and Flexystruder v2 print head.
I’m printing from SD Card using the display.
This is a 4 hour print.
Things were going good until the print was about 97% complete.
I noticed a gob of filament hanging on the nozzle.
On the 1st iteration of this project, I left the gob on the nozzle and it deposited the gob in a very unfortunate spot.
I decided to interrupt the print by using change filament.
The machine stopped and the printhead moved to proper changing position.
I wiped off the gob and pushed resume.
The printhead moved to proper position and started to go through the motions of printing.
I could see the extruder gear spinning, but the printhead looked to be to far above the print.
I watched for a few minutes and saw that a few gobs of filament came out of the nozzle, but it was not feeding the filament.
I ended up aborting the print because I did not know what to do.
When I aborted the print, there was a message saying “Day Dreaming” on the display.

I truly believe that I need some instruction on this subject.
Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

I am assuming you sent the machine an M600. After pressing the encoder to escape the wait the dwell message “Daydreaming…” is sent to the LCD.Since Cura G-Code sends absolute values for the extruder rather than relative sending M600 may make the extruder go back to 0.0mm and after escaping the wait it will go back to its previous position. Slic3r uses relative movements by periodically setting the extruder position back to 0.0mm. When resuming from an M600 you have to take care to make sure that the filament is positioned properly back inside melt zone once the toolhead is moving over the part again.

Thanks for your comments.
I really need to look into what makes up a gcode file.

For now, all I’ looking for is a procedure that will not cause me a disaster when I see a small gob of filament stuck on the extruder nozzle.
I run my prints from SD card because my printer is located in my woodworking shop.
When using the Graphical LCD controller pushbuttons I’ve pressed pause the print, but that causes a burnt gob to happen in my parts.
On this project, I decided to push the change filament.
The start of that worked good because the print head lifted and moved out of the way of my part.
I think that there was a filament retraction that happened before the print head moved away from my part.
All I did was wipe off the nozzle and push resume.
What part of the procedure was I missing?
I’m thinking that I should have extruded enough material to make up for the retraction that happened when I pushed change filament,
but it would seem like that should have happened by the TAZ6 when I said resume.

I hope I’m making myself clear here.
I’m very new at this.