So I’ve been battling initial layer squish on one our university’s TAZ6 Units. I wet sanded the bed and prepped it as instructed by a Lulzbot tech support person. I reset my Z offset the other day and did a few test prints- and… they were STINKING FANTASTIC!! So excited to have those first layers have squish and adhere well.

So then last night I ran a three piece print (where each piece was larger than my initial test pieces) and I ended up in delamination on all three pieces. One of them worse than the others, but all of them had it. Wish I’d have thought to take pictures but I didn’t.

My question is - now that I have my z offset dialed in and I like that first layer squish - what do I have to adjust to get my lamination issue dealt with? Is this an e-step issue? Is this and extrustion percentage issue or rate issue? I have no idea. And I am frustrated because I have students waiting to print.

Thanks for any help or input.

What type of filament? Bed temp?

I’d try getting the nozzle closer to the bed for the first layer. Possibly a higher bed temp depending on filament.