Did I buy a bad thing? Y Plate seems worn out

Hello! I found a TAZ 5 with a dual-extruder and a bunch of filament for 350. I went “COOL” because I’ve wanted to get into printing for a while and that was around where my budget was. It’s neat! But I think that the aluminum y plate has some worn holes, because I cannot for the life of me get the M3 screws to catch (caught it while bed-leveling).

Is this just me? It’s an older machine, and it was likely used a lot, so it could very well need some parts replaced. Does anybody have any experience here? I’m going to try using a tap and die to widen the hole a little, little bit (it’s already got a lot of give in the bed corners), but does anybody know of a source for finding a replacement, in case that fails?

Do you have any pictures? I’m looking at my Taz 5 Y axis endplates and trying to determine where they could actually be threaded, but to me it looks like all of the screws are connecting to printed parts or extruded rail that would have inserts that are threaded. You may just need to replace some inserts.