Did the Ao-101 use the same belt as the AO-100?

I’ve implemented the upgraded pulleys, but that got me to wondering. Your store shows this belt: http://www.lulzbot.com/?q=products/gt2-1164mm-6mm-belt as a “major upgrade to the T5 belt”. So my question is, what kind of belts would an AO-100 have shipped with, and would those be upgrades?


Hi Tim,

If you have a look at the AO-100 Bill of material here, you’ll see the belt used was GT2.

The Lulzbot store sells components to be used in any printer (non Lulzbot ones included). From what I can understand, T5 belts were popular for a time with RepRaps. Now it’s either GT2 or T2.5.



Ok, great, thanks for the info! one less piece to upgrade then.

Ya, T5 belts were used on the LulzBot Prusa, and were common way back when. :wink: