Different motherboard with different firmware

Has anyone run a different motherboard on a Taz with different firmware, i buy motherboards just to have them in case i want a change in my printers and almost likr getting a new printer. I have a the nice big Lerdge getting here Monday, and extra Rambo einsy, the new bigtreetech skr2 which can run Prusa as well as bigtreetech btt002 that’s supposed go be a drop I replacement for Prusa mk3s. And the one in most excited and should be here anyway is the bigtreetech rff with idex. It’s a motherboard that specifically made for dual independent extruders and i got the kit where the second extruder comes with it. But if i install it in my Taz i already have the dual extruder v2. I’m just wondering if anyone has done it and how does senaorless homing work on? I always just ran the stick on my Taz so i feel weird changing this one. I tried once to install the duet 2 wifi but was sloppy and had the motherboard in the ground on top of a washer and fried one of the steppers drivers so now I’m trying to use their function of reassigning stepper pins. Otherwise its 200 dollars down the drain.

Converting a TAZ to IDEX will severely cut down the printable area in X. Most IDEX printers have extended travel in X (or the axis that the extruders share) so that both extruders can use the full size of the bed. There are, of course, modes like mirroring, etc. where both extruders are printing at the same time that will limit the build volume to half of the full X value.

Sensor less homing measures the current needed to move an axis which will spike when the movement hits an obstacle like the frame of the printer.

Obviously, each different board will require different firmware and since none of these controller boards are intended for use in a TAZ printer, the ability to compile firmware and the source files for that firmware will be necessary. Some controller board firmware may have a configuration file
which would make adapting it to a TAZ printer easier.

Yeah inknow how sensorless works. I’ve been using it on my prusa and with the idex I solved the problem I bought this thing with the extended x so I get the full 300.

The lerdge board arrived but I couldn’t get it to work with sensorless homing and idex for the life of me. It’s a paperweight now sitting in my drawer. I was able to get the idex kind of working on my biqu and still working on that. But I got frustrated with my taz 2.1 being ancient and purchased a taz 5 and a duet 3 6hc with the expansion 3hc amd 7imch panel due and it gets here today I hope. Was supposed to come yesrday. Gonna throw on the dual extruder and start printing parts for the d-bot I started building.

Hi Mill…ever sort it? if not let me know if you are bumping it off…thanks