Display shows sleep...

The display on my Taz keeps showing sleep while its printing.
It doesn’t seem to effect the print and keeps on printing.
Is this something im doing? is it normal?
The printer started as a Taz 4 and was recently upgraded to a Taz 5.
Im printing off an sd card.

It won’t hurt anything, but if you want your own message - add a M117 command to your slicer:


You did a G4 command in your print file is all that means.

I added an m117 command, it displays this for a bit then goes back to sleep.
Would the g4 command not pause the print? as it keeps on printing.

G4 is more of a wait than a pause, it is not the only gcode that may be seen as a wait which is what a displayed Sleep… is.

I finally got this sorted.
It was the blip fans to full power setting. With this turned off the display shows printing for the whole print.