DIY TAZ-6 Auto home was a problem

The 3D printer has been completed for a while, before the use can be printed normally, because a period of unused, recently to print some items, but the film occurred (0’21" later)"the last question, that is, Z axis zero after the last lift can not turn or stall phenomenon.
By the printer screen Z axis up and down is really no problem, and that the bearings are not added to the problem of lubricating oil, but the oil on the shaft after the same problem.
Before the firmware with the normal use of the same before, did not go to amend or updated, which is how the end of the case can be told?
Video link

I’m sorry, I can’t really follow what you are asking. The translation is unclear. Based off the video though, you have a continuity issue. You do not have a complete electrical circuit from the nozzle tip to the board sensor. This is likely because of one of the following issues:

  1. The nozzle tip has melted plastic film over it and needs to be cleaned off
  2. The signal wire is loose from the hotend or the wireing harness somewhere on the X axis
  3. The wire to the Y axis bed is loose somewhere and not in contact.
  4. The bed sensor washer is loose and not making contact (or someone added thread locker to the threads and now they are electrically isolated)

It’s also possible that could be a firmware issue if you changed that. Or an electrical failure.

Your Z axis motor is trying to step too fast and dropping steps. It uses the default step rate set in the firmware if you do not tell it a speed rate to use. A number of things can cause this (weak/misprogramed driver on the RAMBo, axis binding, etc).

M203 X192 Y208 Z3 : set speed limits for axis movements.

Adding this to your gcode start scripts will set it to a slower step rate, but powering off the printer will make it go back to the default rate again.

I think you can go into the firmware/LCD and set a slower rate, but I do not have a working printer in front of me right now to check this. :blush:

I encountered the same problem as you. After that I asked my friend who is engineer and he say nothing but helped me fix it. You can contact him about this problem