Does AO ever incorporate community upgrades into the design?

The community here is one on the more active in discussion and development that I have been involved with. Lots of great ideas surface here, capacitive leveling, dual extruder mods, the open rails mods, reinforced extruders, etc. I’m sure AO is aware of these community derived ideas but we’ve yet to see any of them incorporated into the new models. I understand there is R & D and QA that has to occur and then it has to fit into the product lifecycle. However, something as simple as the reinforced extruder body makes a noticeable difference in print quality, and works with everything currently supplied with the exception of one longer screw and one additional printed spacer. Just wondering what AO’s stance is on community developed upgrades.

I don’t know if they ever have used a community idea but, the next Taz REALLY needs to incorporate piercet’s openrail mod or something like it. The prints are sooooooo much better when you are on rails.

They’re welcome to use anything I’ve released as open source if they want to, which is almost all of it.

The Moarstruder is a reinforced extruder body if you look closer I believe.

You’re correct. It does tie into the top mount, in a rather cantilevered way.