Double Bearing Holder

In anticipation of the Dual Extruder, I replaced the X-Axes Polymer Bearings with high quality LM10U bearings, and the 10mm rods with hardened rods. What a difference. Noticeably quieter, and absolutely NO PLAY (wobble) in the truck.

Just in case I damaged the single and dual bearing holders in the process, I printed out a set and also had a set professionally printed in case my prints didn’t turn out well. My prints did, however turn out just fine.

The big problem with the Double Bearing Holder that I printed and the one I had professionally made is that there is nothing on the left hand side of the Double Bearing Holder to hold the bearing in place. It just slides right out. This happens with the Polymer bearings and the steel LM10U linear bearings.

Does the design of the Double Bearing Holder depend on using low quality prints to keep the bearing in place (I.e., prints that are not quite up to spec or rough in texture)? What is supposed to keep the bearing from sliding out? The single holder has stops on both ends. The double holder has a stop only on 1 end.

I used this design (couldn’t find the source CAD file)


The ones I have printed are a friction fit. Would be pretty easy to add the retention notch to the other side if you needed it though.

mine are friction fit too, have printed them in ABS, PLA HIPS all very good quality.

Since all that is available to use is the .stl file (I couldn’t find a cad file anywhere on the site), I wouldn’t know how to edit the stl to add the notch.

I can’t imagine why the one I printed and the one that was professionally printed allow the bearing to just slide in and out. I printed mine so that the long, open side was down on the bed (the side that fits flat against the carriage), but the professionally printed one was as it is in the stl, on it’s end.

Is there any reason why the notch isn’t on both ends?


I have made a CAD file for the double holder, along with the whole printer, but that’s not quite ready for release…

Here you go…

I had to do some grunt work to get this into a useable CAD file, along with some scaling so I would definitely start with a test print to test for fit. This version is based off the standard BH, but if you’re not too good with CAD, I can add a tab in for you.

My goal is to redesign these for the LM12U bearings and rods…ie bump up to 12mm…I hate how there is flex in the 10mm rods, 12mm might be a little overkill but meh…
Doublebearingholder2.0.SLDPRT (363 KB)

Count me in for the 12mm rods and bearings.

The dip in the center of the bed makes leveling the bed impossible when you want to print large parts.


Yeah, there is enough variation in tolerances with 3D printing as it is, I think maybe a bit of overkill would be worth it…
I don’t think 12’s would flex…I’m working on it.