Dual extruder to Taz Workhorse

I’m trying to convert a Taz 6 v3 dual extruder to work on my Workhorse. I thought that I had finally gotten the wiring figured out except the extruder step motors run backwards. I would have assumed it to be my error except the they both act the same and I only messed with one.
To explain, I did the change filament routine and the display said the E1 was heating and then E2 extracted a bit of filament and the started extruding a bunch. Same thing when I did the routine for E2, E1 heated and extruded in the wrong direction.
Anyone have any experience doing the conversion?
Anyone have an actual wiring diagram for the Workhorse including the second extruder connector?
Anyone know how to reverse the direction of a stepper motor?

Any advice welcome.

I think I have it figured out. I’ll let you know more in a few days if I did or not.

I see this is a pretty old post but I figure it’s worth asking if you got it to work out? I’m trying out the same thing!

Not really. For me the dual extruder was more bother than it worth. So, just left it on the shelf.

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First, while there is firmware for it, the dual extruder v3.1 isn’t listed in the compatibility for the Workhorse, and vice-versa, so you’re a bit on your own attempting it even though they include “Marlin_TAZWorkhorse_DualExtruderV3.1_2.0.0.144.hex” firmware that can be flashed. I don’t have a workhorse to test with, and this may be a different version from what lrd used, so it might just work now. Probably not though… that firmware is several years old.

So, if you use the wiring guide for the Taz 6 (same board) and that firmware, the changes required would have to be done with wiring unless you want to get into a custom firmware build. Not a bad idea really, considering how out of date it is.

It’s a pretty easy google for how to flip stepper motor directions to get it going the right direction, and plugging extruder 1 motor harness into extruder 2 and vice-versa is pretty easy to do.

All the wiring diagrams are available at download.lulzbot.com:
Index of /TAZ/TAZ_WE/v1.0.2/production_parts/electronics

Thank you! Honestly I’m debating trying it since I have two workhorses and got the extruder for free sooo… maybe worth a shot messing around with.

It’s generally not a great extruder, but if you’re doing similar temp materials that aren’t PLA, it can be serviceable.