Dual Extruder V3 Nozzle Wiping and Auto Leveling

I purchased a Dual Extruder V3 with a TAZ6 printer last April. I am new to printing so I used the single extruder to better learn the different materials. This week I installed the V3, upgraded the firmware to (Marlin on the LCD) and updated the Cura Edition to 3.2.23 version. I did not have any issues printing the gears with PLA and dissolvable PVA that came with the kit. I also have not had any issues with temperature control. I do find it difficult to load filament due to the tight radius of the channel but it is certainly doable.

However, as I use the printer, I noticed several things. First, the nozzle wiping is set to just barely wipe the right extruder (2). I am using the stock machine settings which set an X axis of -19mm and then it goes on to move between -17mm and -19mm as it wipes. Although I can get the stage to manually go to -23mm, I cannot seem to set anything in the machine settings beyond those in the stock settings. Why do I care? The auto level alternates between the two extruders and an incomplete wipe result in an improper leveling (or, at times, a re-occurring loop to re-wipe without leveling success).

Second, the auto leveling seems to be off in coordinates. When Extruder 2 seeks the front-right and rear-right washers, on the front-right washer it is fine and senses away from the set screw. However, with going to the rear-right, it comes close if not hitting, the screw. Of course, that would put an offset into the leveling as the screw surface and washer are not completely planar.

My questions: 1. Am I missing something or is the V3 at the x-axis limit when wiping? I am unfamiliar enough with the machine setting locations that I cannot find the auto-leveling routine to change the rear-right washer location or am I missing another approach? Below are some pics to illustrate the two issues. Thank you in advance for reading this post.

The part of the autoleveling process where the printer touches off on the corners is all controlled by a single command in your start Gcode (G29) so there isn’t a way to specifically move where the nozzle touches down during this process.

It does look like your toolhead is wiping slightly further to the right during start up than I would expect.This could be something in your machine settings/start Gcode that didn’t get imported correctly if you had to update your Cura version and didn’t clear your cache. Could you post some screenshots of your start and end Gcode, your machine settings, and do a firmware check to confirm that everything is matching up the way it should?

To check your firmware version you will open the “Console” by clicking over to the “Monitor” section then you should see it next to your connect and disconnect buttons. When you open your Console you will see a text entry box along the bottom of the new window. With the printer connected to Cura enter M115 into the text entry box and hit enter, a block of text should appear in the upper box, take a screenshot of that so we can check your firmware and make sure everything looks okay with that.

That information should help narrow down what is going on here.

Thank you for looking at the post. I have attached the information for the CURA, TAZ6-V3 and Marlin firmware versions. Also the g-Code beginning and ending are pictured from the Cura Configure - Printer settings. The results from running a M115 command are also included.

I continued to look into the issue of G28 and did find the proper xmin,ymax; xmax, ymax; xmin,ymin; and xmax,ymin coordinates in the source code for TAZ 6 Dual Extruder V3. They are called by different variable names but define the bed dimensions for probing. Ideally, I would change these and re-compile the Marlin 1.1.62 and the TAZ 6 V3 firmware. I submitted another post to ask whether the TAZ 6 V3 source code is complete and correct (does not seem to be).

In the meantime, I decided to move the bed mounting posts on the frame. I shifted a delta X = -1.5mm. This made the wiping work fully on the pads and cured hitting the washer screw at Xmax, Ymax. Of course, it moved the probe at Xmin,Ymax closer to the washer screw; the proper value would be delta X = -1.0 as referenced to the original bed position. As I indicated above, it would be better to re-size the probe rectangle but I may not get all the information for a re-compile of the firmware.

This may redundant but I did not see the other attachments. Here they are: