Dual Extruder woes

Hi all!
For months, my printer has been phenomenal. No issues whatsoever.
I decided to jump into dual color printing which has been the bane of my existence for a week now. I received my Dual head last Friday, set it up, everything went smooth. The calibration squares took a while to set up properly, but I am actually blaming myself on this.

With that done, I ran the test lulzbot keychain. I was not impressed with the results. Rechecked the nozzle heights, made some adjustments. For giggles, reran the calibration squares and made finer adjustments.

The results were a bit better on the keychain.

My bottom layers were dead on smooth, like polished smooth so I adjusted my Z offset on the printer to account for what I factored in to be about .2mm off. Bottom layers are better, but still inconsistent. See screenshot and notice that as it moves up, the layer thickens. I have been running some single color prints for calibration purposes.

Before Z calibration:

After Z adjustment: Notice how it gets thicker from top to bottom.

Using a raft:

Furthermore, anyone with a dual head have the damn thing warm up with nozzle 2 off the bed only to spit out what looks like 300mm of filament allover the desk?

Yes, the DuallyFlexy does the same thing. Moves all the way to the front, then extrudes about 300mm of filament. Not sure what that is all about.