Dually Extruder Aligned With X Axis Instead of Y Axis

Has anyone designed a dual extruder for the TAZ 4 where it’s configured with both extruders lined up with the x-axis instead of the current Lulzbot configuration where it’s line up with the y-axis? Any idea how much x-axis print volume would be lost?

The reason for my questions are:

  1. Using a feeler gauge like paper, with the current y-axis configuration the extruder closest to the x-axis smooth rod is going to push down harder on the paper even if both extruders are the same height, due to flex in the extruder mount. This makes it more difficult to dial in the relative height of the two extruders by feel.

  2. Having extruder # 2 hanging way out there away from the x-axis smooth rods creates additional torque on the smooth rods. This could be partly why the x-axis dips in the center for some people and might also affect print quality.

  3. I wonder if anyone has done any print quality comparisons between a dual extruder x-axis vs y-axis configuration to see whether we could print faster with the same quality if the extruders were both aligned on the x-axis to eliminate some of the torque on the smooth rods?

  4. Since the current dually configuration adds additional torque to the x-axis smooth rods by hanging the second extruder away from the rods, does anyone know if this added torque translates into additional unwanted tension / torque on the x-axis belt?