Duet & Duex4 - For/Against?

Any reason not to consider the Duet/Duex4 for LulzBot machines?

Personally, an ARM processor CNC control board with built-in support for six extruders is highly advantageous. Out of the box, this can support a direct-drive flexystruder, dedicated support extruder, three Merlin hotends (RGB color, small parts), and a laser tool. Also, dispensing with the external Octoprint controller is highly convenient.

Availability in the US might be problematic. Aside from that looks like it would work fine. I personally would like to see one of the smoothstepper variants in the machine just to see if the additional processing power would make that much of a difference in layer quality. It’s on my list to experement with someday.

US availability is a fairly solvable problem. Good to hear the vote of confidence, will probably roll this into my planned Taz upgrades. :slight_smile:

Just FYI, Filastruder is now carrying Duet and PanelDue - both for quite good prices compared to the UK source + shipping.

Thanks, nice to know. Actually though, the UK vendor deserves credit for their shipment ariving well ahead of other TazMega orders placed in the US.

I totally agree. I bought all of my other Duets from them and they are top notch. They are the supplier to Filastruder too I am pretty sure.