Dumb question about Taz6 bed (what's the button do?)

Just setting up a Taz 6, having come from a Mini. The Taz 6 startup process resembles that of my Mini, except in the beginning, it gives this silver button a little boop. What’s that all about?

Are the 4 corner discs not enough to level, or is it just giving itself a little high-five?


The button press tells the machine where Z=0 is. So if while probing and it pushes a bed corner down it will know this and stop pushing down. It is also used to add the Z Offset in the firmware to to adjust where the nozzle needs to be to give a good first layer height. Or at least that is what I think it does.

They can’t use the bed-leveler rings to figure out z? I guess they wouldn’t add it if they didn’t need it. Seems strange though.

Thanks for the reply!

I have a TAZ6.
The button is very helpful in detecting an error due to a goober of filament that does not wipe off while bed leveling.
It’s sort of an over travel limit or rough zero so to speak.
When running PCTPE filament, I sometimes run into a problem where my filament is slightly too wet.
If the filament is too wet, it swells quite significantly.
The cleaning program does not heat the PCTPE up to a temperature where it gets soft enough to clean off the nozzle
on the wiping pad.
When that happens, the z axis drops down far enough to push very hard on the 1st measuring washer.
The button sets the maximum down travel motion so the printer is not damaged if an error occurs.

The strategy seems to make sense to me.

Sorry about my long windedness here, but I hope this will help you better understand.

That makes sense. I just ran into my first probe-fail clean nozzle error. So presumably it would have cratered right into the corners had it not made a rough fix with the button.

Whenever I’m running parts that do not need to have a slow cool down period and I’m near the printer when
it’s finishing a part, I usually wipe the nozzle and hot end base with a piece of an old tank top tee shirt.
It helps keep the nozzle cleaner than just leaving it up to the automatic cleaning system.
It makes a big difference to me especially for ABS material.
It seems like the only time I have an automatic probe failure, it happens that I have not manually wiped
the nozzle and hot end for about 3 or 4 prints.

just another thought

To close the loop on this. It turns out my frame was out of square enough that the bed level algorithm wasn’t having it. Once I cleaned that up, it’s been leveling fine.

It’s good advice. Especially since I’m starting to print more PETG which seems stickier than the HIPS I’d been using.