Dust shroud for lead screws

I was wondering if anyone has thought about creating a protective shroud to avoid getting dust/debris on their lead screws. In a dusty environment, like garage where I don’t mind things warming up, a shroud can help extend the life of the those lubricated parts, which seem to attract dust. A retractable shroud moving alongside the z axis would be ideal.

Let me know what you guys think…and yes I keep my Taz covered.

Mcmaster carr sells some bellows covering that could work. The issue you run into is space. There isn’t enough space for the compressed bellows below the carriage at full Z minimum travel. You could get longer leadscrews and extend the upper, but you would have to raise the bed to fit it on the bottom side.

Great suggestion!

I’ll look into it. I think my local hardware store might have something similar to those bellows.