e3d v6 owners searched for print comparison

Hi together, I’m asking myself for months if it would increase print quality if I would change the hotend to an e3d v6… I want to compare detail pictures of a very small (just a wall) print to see if the flow is more equal during line start.

So it would be great if there is a volunteer that has a TAZ 5 as close as possible than I have:
.) X or Y (or both) Openrail mod to keep axis wobble out of the equation
.) An e3d v6 hotend (surprise :smiley: )
.) Maybe the printer could even run my Marlin FW with pressure advance…?

I would supply the gcode to have the exact same slicer settings and would ask to print that in PLA. The print itself would only take ~1 minute, it’s a single line wall about 50mm long and 5mm high.

Sadly I’m in Germany, so I can’t offer a bottle of beer for the effort :wink:

Edit: The picture needed is like the second one in my post here.

I wouldn’t be able to run your firmware but my Taz 2 has the openrail mods and a V6. What nozzle diameter are you running?

0.4mm but I don’t think that makes a significant difference.
I attached two files, one for 0.4mm nozzles and one for 0.5mm. Print at 1100mm/s² acceleration, preheat to your PLA print temperatures and print it. :slight_smile:

If you print it, remember where it startet to print the lines. The closeup from this end is what I’m looking for - to see how the flow is starting.

Edit: And my one for comparison:

wall_05.gcode (9.52 KB)
wall_04.gcode (9.52 KB)

It under extruded at the start of the line on my machine.

Thanks for your try. OK that’s not working without pressure control… I will try if I get similar results at much lower speeds so it can be printed without underextrusion on line start even without pressure control.

I’ve been using the E3D v6 as well as the Volcano, both on a Titan extruder. I was able to reduce the weight of my X carriage by about 25% (and I’m using a full sized NEMA17, havent yet bothered to mess with the smaller version the Titan is supposedly capable of using - if I do that I can reduce it by another 160 grams). I have printed tons with these nozzles and can say for sure that I believe (I havent done extensive comparison tests) my print quality has, at a minimum, not suffered and is at least the same if not better, and I’ve been able to increase my print speeds because of the reduced weight on the carriage.

I’ve been extensively modding my printer - what is your “pressure advance” Marlin mod? I’d be interested to check it out.

See here for the draft of a manual.