E3Dv6 Flexystruder Strengthened Body 1.75mm

Here’s my E3D flexystruder strengthened 1.75mm body. I built this because 1.75mm flexible filament would buckle in my regular extruder body even with the PTFE tube running up to the hobbed bolt (this doesn’t happen with my 3mm body and flexible filament). So I modified the strengthened extruder by wantmys2000 to a 1.75mm flexystruder.

What you’ll need
Besides the basic extruder hardware (motor, gears hobbed bolt, 2x 608zz bearings, printed washers, metal washers, locking nut, m3 screws and washers) you’ll need:

  • M5 Heat Set 11mm long
  • M5x16+ Screw
  • 1.75mm PTFE (comes with your E3Dv6) to run through the body
  • Mounting Plate (which raise up the E3D nozzle about 5 mm) https://forum.lulzbot.com/download/file.php?id=5217
  • M3x65mm screw to mount the strengthened extruder
    Strengthened TAZ 5 Flexstruder - 5mm Shorter - Extruder.stl (1.01 MB)
    Strengthened TAZ 5 Extruder Body - 5mm Shorter - Spacer.stl (57.7 KB)
  • Add the M5 heat set with a soldering iron
  • Run the PTFE through the extruder body making sure enough length can also run through your E3Dv6. If necessary ream out the hole slightly to allow the PTFE tube to run through. I recommend leaving extra length of tube, then mating the E3D & mounting plate to the extruder body. This will push the PTFE tube through the extruder body and you’ll be left with the exact length tube you’ll need remaining to run into the E3D.
  • Cut off any excess PTFE tubing from the top of the extruder body
  • Cut out a half circle at the hobbed bolt hole to allow the bolt to fit through. You could either do this with a drill or an exacto knife. I prefer using an exacto knife and following the curvature of the bolt hole. Make sure you remove all dangling pieces of PTFE and that all edges are smooth and clean (don’t want PTFE going into your hot end).
  • Use printed and metal washers to position hobbed bolt teeth at the PTFE tube.
  • Screw the M5 screw to add tension to the hobbed bolt with flexible filament as needed. If you have them, you can add a thumb screw plate to the screw.
  • Attach motor, mount with spacer, and print…