Easyfil Filament Issue

Hi all,

Anyone have experience using the easyfil ABS filament from Form Futura? I picked up some as a replacement for the normal brand (its almost twice the cost as regular ABS I buy) but my mini just won’t feed it. The sad thing is the failed prints i am getting, what DOES print is easily the best looking prints I have ever made. This stuff is like magic as far as what it produces. The problem is the feeder wants to stop feeding it and then I get air prints at various spots through. Its very difficult to even manually push it through so it makes sense that the feeder runs into trouble. I don’t know if its too soft maybe? I put my previous filament back in and it pushes through with ease. I have checked for clogs multiple times (cold pulls come clean and running wire through produces nothing out the the ordinary) and the fact that as soon as I changed the filament the feeding problem goes away means its not a clog for sure in my mind.

Normally I would just return the filament and say oh well but it makes such beautiful prints when it works that I want to figure out if there is something I can do. Anyone with some tips or that have encountered the same issue? The filament is their ABS Silver if the color matters.

When using filament from different manufacturers, you are most likely going to need to adjust temperatures. If you are having a hard time manually feeding it through the extruder and you know there is no clog, it will most likely be too cold. Try increasing temps in 5c increments while manually extruding until you have a nice consistent flow.

As this is a Mini, you may need to adjust your wiping and probing temps as well. So while trying the new filament, be sure to watch your automatic bed leveling procedure. If there is any deflection, turn off the printer and attempt the print again with adjusted wiping and probing temps.

I hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any further questions!