ED3 V6 cooling fan not working and have a mintemp error

I just installed the ed3 v6 hotend on my TAZ5, but it is already experiencing problems. First, the cooling fan does not turn on when the printer is powered. Second, I get a min temp error whenever I turn on the printer. I followed the directions from the link below

What am I doing wrong?

Looking at the article, thats a stupid way to replace the fan. buying a 5 volt 40mm fan instead of routing a new fan into the printer power mains would have been trivially easy to put inline. instead they have you mess with the main power block and pull all the pins out of the pin block at once and hope you get them back in the right spot?

You most likely have one or more wires going into the incorrect spot at this point. Probably the thermistor leads and the fan leads swapped, and may have fried your thermistor . it could be something else if you are lucky. You are probably going to have to trace out the wires and make sure that the wires you think you are using are actually the pair you are supposed to be using. The Ohai instructions may help some https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/a16b1f2d-5c1f-47fe-a83d-9d68cca5d62c/

I also hope you did not buy the 12 volt hot end pointed/linked at in the guide. The 24 volts that are sent to the hot end will fry that 12 volt hot end and that 12 volt extruder fan.

I got the 24v model. I also checked the ohms of the thermistor and am getting around 950 k ohms. Does that mean my thermistor is fried?

If you are reading 900K across a 100K thermistor? That explains the MINTEMP error.

Where can I get a replacement thermistor in the US?

If it uses the same one as a hexagon hotend, I-T-W.com has them. Otherwise, no clue whatsoever.