Editing G code in Cura

Hello everyone,

Cura generates the G code in a way that extrusion head is always printing at 45 degree. I need to edit this in G code and make it print only in a horizontal direction (i.e. parallel to X axis). Any suggestions? Thank you!

Further explanation - Stop Bed (Y axis) movement. Of course, the bed can move when the layer has to be changed. Only want printer head to move along X axis and print. (I am trying to print a cuboid for my research)

Rotate your print 45 deg

If you really understand gcode well then you could just do that in any text editor, but it is kind of a pain.
Much better just to modify the model then repost the gcode.

Thank you! Would you pls explain what exactly I need to modify in the model?
I basically need to stop Y axis(bed) movement, and have printer head only along X direction. Of course the bed can move when the layer has to be changed