Electrically Conductive Filament

Does anyone have a source for 3mm electrically conductive filament? I have found some ABS @ 1.75mm and 10Kohm/cm and another at 1.2Kohm/inch, but those both make very high resistance circuits and are not available in 3mm. Is there anything out there in the milliohm range or is that just a pipe dream for extruded filament?

there really isn’t a circtuit ready filliament out there at the moment. There has been some experementation with printing using electrical soldier, but it’s a long ways from being a “print your own circuit board” solution

We’re in the middle of ordering some for the store :stuck_out_tongue:

The filament we’re adding to the store isn’t very conductive though. It isn’t for building circuits, unfortunately. I’m pretty sure we’re getting this stuff:

At 129ohm/cm that is the best conductivity I have seen in this type filament so far. That might keep the voltage drops reasonable for small circuits. It does not say what the base material is for this filament however. Is it ABS or Nylon or what exactly? Seems like you could use a 3D pen to make “solder” connections and add LEDs and such to some of your projects…