Enabling Part Encroachment With Cura

I am printing visors to make Face Shields for local area hospitals. When I use Cura 3.6.20 on my new Taz Pro, the software does not permit me to stack the visors, one after the other. If you imagine my visor as a parenthesis, on the build plate I cannot get “(((((”. When the convex side of one encroaches on the concave side of the other, Cura separates the visors, leaving me with “( (” instead. Is there a way to tell Cura to permit encroachment so that these visors can be stacked closer together?

Do you mean stack, or nest? Building up parts in the Z direction would be stacking in my mind.

If you’re just trying to nest more parts on the build plate go to “Preferences” - then General Tab.
In the Viewport Behavior section there’s a box checked “Ensure models are kept apart”.
Uncheck that box.

Now you should be able to nest things closer. Be careful though, because with that uncheckecd you can fuse parts together if they’re touching or overlapping each other.

See if that fixes what you’re looking for.

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Perfect! Thank you very much! I can now get four visors per plate to make PPE.